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Why Build a Custom Home?

For the majority of us the largest investment we will make in our lives is to purchase a home.  Unfortunately, many of us have little experience in the construction process and judge a home by looks alone.  Often times we don’t ask questions like:


Is This 2” x 4” or 2” x 6” construction?


What is the R factor in the insulation?


Was the insulation BATT or blown in?


Options are one of the best reasons to choose building a custom home.  By choosing an experienced builder you will feel comfortable in knowing he is providing you with a long list of available options for your new home.  Considering a number of builders?  How many homes in your price range has he built?  Can he show you some of those options you are looking for or does he have the initiative to try something new? 


Having a home designed exclusively for you can be such a rewarding experience, we want to provide you with not only a beautiful home but a warranty that will back up our work. We are the only builder in Grant County to offer the 2-10 Homebuyer’s Warranty. This goes way beyond the standard 1 year workmanship and materials coverage you’ve probably heard other builders tell you they offer.  It is a full written warranty, with 2 years systems (hvac, electrical, plumbing) and a 10 year structural warranty in addition to the standard 1 year workmanship and materials coverage. 


Have your prospective builders offered you the same coverage? 




Dollars and Sense….

So, you may be thinking you have decided to have a home custom built for you.  This may be one of the best times in history to choose to build your home.  Interest rates are at a low and the dollars you would be saving just make sense!


We are interested in providing the best quality materials and craftsmanship for your dollar.  We will work with you in all phases of construction to ensure that you feel comfortable  during the building of your new home.  We have even built homes for those who have never been here during the entire construction! By keeping our customers informed via email and the web they are able to see construction photos of their homes in progress during the entire building process.  

Unlimited Possibilities

While the possibilities are virtually unlimited when it comes to choosing the style of your home, the color of the carpet and the type of tile; choosing Timberland Construction Inc. is a great way to go.


We are building to suite not only the home owner but to compliment the environment as well.  We have a designer exclusive to us in the area that will work with you to create a set of plans suited just for you. A drive around Pine Ridge Subdivision or Dos Griegos Phase II will fine you the largest concentration of our homes. There you will be able to tell which homes are Timberland homes-all unique, all beautifully presented to fit their environment.  Call us to schedule a visit to our office or a tour of some of our completed homes. 


Call or email us today to discuss the unlimited possibilities in building a custom home.

Phone: 575-534-9125

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Email: ernie@timberlandconstruction.com

PO Box 2199; Silver City, NM  88062


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A View to the future….

Driving around Silver City’s premier subdivision, Dos Griegos,  gives you a quick  glimpse of a great grouping of our beautiful homes, each designed with all the beautiful surroundings in mind.  While we have and are able to build in all areas of Grant County, a quick drive up Swan Street will lead you into Dos Griegos Phase II where you will find the following Timberland homes:

                           4519 N Swan   -     4490 N Swan  - 4506 N Swan  -   4520 N Swan

                                22 Wilmot  -  8 Fotis  -  9 Fotis  -  11 Fotis   -  92  Fotis

                                    99 Fotis -  4546 N Swan  -  3 Mt Olympus  - 15 Mt. Olympus