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We are honored to be listed by the Small   Business School as a respected and reputable business in our community and industry. 

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About Us

Our Mission…


Timberland Construction was started in 1996 by Ernie Terrazas Jr. with the goal of providing the best in materials and craftsmanship for your  dollar. Ernie was determined to provide beautiful and unique homes knowing that he had put together the best product possible at a fair price.


History and Current Day Life


His first building experience, on his own, was being thrown into a project most home contractor’s never imagine  starting out with.  It was the beautiful 4000 + sq ft. (heated) Mediterranean styled home you see above.   The original builder found it impossible to continue with the project and Ernie was asked to take over.  As you can see the outcome is spectacular.


Ernie has built numerous homes, with a distinct high quality that is due to choosing the best of the industry. For the Showcase of Homes 2001, we were one the first builders to incorporate the SMART system into a home.  The preview of this technology has since inspired other builders to make this type of technology a  part of their homes.  What this meant to the consumer is that this wonderful technology was made available to more people than before.  We consider ourselves a pioneer in using different technology and products to offer consumers more for their dollar.


This year Timberland Construction, Inc. was chosen to build the new Hudson Branch of First New Mexico Bank. We are thrilled that the project has turned out so well and look forward to being a part of more innovative design projects that are making our community stand out.   We have also committed to the EPA Energy Star Program which brings energy efficient housing to the community. 


As for family, well, that is a big priority in his life.  With 5 children ages, 22, 9, 5, 2 and 1, life in the household is never boring! We love doing family activities together and try to make time for that all important couple time as well.  That is couple time, outside of work, as Ernie and I, his wife, Rosa, put in plenty of hours at the office.  All that time spent together isn’t a problem though, it has just made things more interesting!


In 2008 our youngest son was diagnosed with a severe congenital heart defect while in utero.  His condition is known as HLHS (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome).  It is one of the most severe heart defects, as it affects the growth and development of the left ventricle, which is the main pumping chamber of your heart.  There is no surgery that could simply “fix” his heart but there are a series of 3 surgeries that are considered palliative.  That is they prolong his life until the time comes for a heart transplant.  He has endured 3 open heart procedures prior to 4 months, along with a g tube placement surgery and several heart catheterizations.  We are happy to say he has made remarkable progress and has made a tremendous impact on our hearts!  Having gone through this as a family has made us stronger in our faith in God and each other. 


As for hobbies, well Ernie’s taking up flying and really enjoys taking time to see some of that beautiful country that can only be seen by air.  In this photo, he and I were flying out to Glendale for a visit to see the Cardinals and check out Cabela’s.  Time spent in the air provides a welcome reprieve from everything else and he is so happy when he returns from flying, we all reap the rewards whether we flew with him or not.


How to Choose a Contractor…


As consumers you can rely on several factors when choosing a contractor such as:  number of projects in the dollar range you are interested in building, years of experience, length of stay in a certain area, client and bank references, affiliations with professional organizations, walk-through of previously built projects, cost comparisons with other contractors, home warranty programs, innovation in design and most importantly personal feelings about the builder. 


Meet with your prospective builders and ask for a walk through of one or more of their projects.  Pay careful attention to details such as:  is the trim around the doors flush/joints meet tightly; if possible, ask homeowners if the builder has resolved any problems with the home; write down the type of features the home has, such as brand of appliances, fireplace, synthetic stucco, square footage, and ask about the cost per square foot.  If you’ll be away during the project ask how the builder will keep you in touch with progress.  Does he have a web site, email?  Could this facilitate things if he does?  Don’t overlook checking to see if the builder carries General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance.


We strongly encourage prospective clients to check all of the above when choosing your builder. For more tips on choosing a builder visit the National Home Builder’s Association at the following link:  For more information about Timberland Construction, Inc. call or email us today.  We would love to help you fulfill your dreams of building a wonderful new home!